Privacy Policy

Anna Castro uses the information that you provide in order to create a commercial relationship gap (client and supplier) to make possible the commercial transactions carried out between the parties. Anna Castro does not share or sell database information and protects its confidentiality as permitted by law.


Sometimes the website uses cookies, small data files that are generated on the client’s computer and that allow the following information to be saved:
• Summaries of personalization of the contents that the user chose in her first visit to our website.
• Summaries involved in the inspection of access to restricted areas.
All our cookies save the information in an encrypted form and are automatically destroyed after a certain time and therefore do not constitute any threat to security or privacy.


Anna Castro cares about security and to guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided by our clients and users.
Anna Castro takes care of the privacy of the data provided by users and guarantees that in no case will they be transferred to third parties. The logistics company that sends the order and the bank that carries out the transaction have access to these data solely and exclusively for the fulfillment of these purposes.
Anna Castro never saves the information of credit and debit card numbers at the time of formalizing payments in any database. The security and confidentiality of electronic transactions run under the banking entities and payment processors, which give great confidence when making payments online.


Our virtual store operates under PayPal, which is responsible for providing a platform for electronic commerce and selling our products and services to you.

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